Session 10 (June 16th, 2014)

Recapped—Harrison with Andrew filling in details.
Elsa controlled by Andrew.

We met these people last time:
Hatch—little gnome guy. A dumble boy. Hatch was a servant at the tower, and somehow fled and now hides in the family’s home.

The Innkeeper asked us to come for lunch. Amell was nervous and obvious something was wrong. The party decides to trip the potential trap.

The Inn (The White Weasel) is almost exactly the same as the first Inn, although it is empty. Amell and a homely looking woman, his wife, stands next to him. the party sits, and are served food and drink. Edan just stares at the man, and he is growing more nervous. Edan (Sense Motive 23) finds his wife to be a lot calmer, and is in control of the situation. Glancing at the food (Perception E-25, M-27), white substances seems to be mixed into the food.

A conversation between Edan and the woman takes place, and it is revealed she is part of the White Guard, and a witch. Amell pulls a hand crossbow. Mahkus embeds a hand axe into Amell, and the Witch extends her hair as battle begins.

Mahkus jumps over the table (Acro 20) and attempts to Bullrush Amell but misses. Bob charges the Witch, and since he is a Witch Hunter does extra damage to her. He charges and eviscerates her in half (22 damage, killing her). Elsa evil eyes Amell (He fails the save 11), and reduces his AC by 2. Edan raises his hood and attempt to demoralize Amell (Intimidate 10). He is unaffected. Mahkus picks up his weapon and attempts to intimidate him as well, (fail—intimidate 19). Bob mounts the bar (Acrobatics 10) and decapitates him (Critical hit for 30 damage).

Edan searches Katrina’s robe, he finds a hand written note. It says “Keep your eyes open, there may be strangers coming to town. Detain them if you can, we will be back soon”. Elsa and Edan, and the rest of the party muse about how they (bad guys?) could have known they were coming. Crazy Birds? The Forlarren?

Other loot: MW Heavy Crossbow with 10 human bane bolts. Mahkus also finds a crystalline jar with the white poison. Mahkus determines it is a fade leaf powder, used to induce sleep (Craft (Alchemy) 13).

Edan is compelled to check the cellar, only accessible from the outside. As the party leaves, Nadia intercepts the party as Mahkus flips the “Closed”. She suggests the Bob gets out of sight. Nadia also gives Mahkus and Bob snow shoes, and says she has something for Edan. Edan explains what has happened, and suggests they stay in town and lay a trap. “Them” is most likely the Black Guard, the knights that protect the Pale Tower. There numbers are higher than normal because bitch face leaving. Nadia points out that if she late with her delivery, suspicion will rise. Edan points out if they come back and find the Innkeepers dead or missing it will alert them too.

At this point, Bob points out that they could fake a letter, mislead them AND go to the Pale Tower. Nadia says she knows someone who could aid us in forging a letter, but she didn’t trust them.

The party goes back into the Inn, and Edan searches the cellar, finding dry goods, herbs and some loot.
Cellar root: 3 potions of cure light wounds, wand of cause fear (charges 27).

Edan finds examples of two distinct hand writings. Mahkus searches the rest of the Inn. Bob fiddles with himself. The party all hears horses, and Mahkus looks out the window to see two dozen riders and a banner men with a grey, eyeball banner and the Orb from the Portal under his arm. Edan knows that to be the symbol of the Pale Tower.
Half the group, with the banner man, ride towards the Portal. An Ulfen man (Sargent Volan Sertane), smaller than the others and more ornate armor, is directing the remaining riders to search houses.

The group decides Elsa needs to forge a letter in the High Speech, bluffing that their party fled towards White Throne and the Inn Keepers followed. Hiding the bodies behind the bar, and themselves, the group awaits the dozen men coming towards the bar (Mahkus and Elsa on top of the stairs with range weapons, Edan and Bob behind the bar).

The door smashes open, and the group attempts to hide (Prepared +5; E- 26, M-22, B- 22, El-13).

The party then decides they need a redo, and attempt to make the Inn into a haunted house to scare would be looters and investigators away.

The Ulfen man walks in, with 6 men. They survey the Inn, and take seats. The Ulfen starts to write a note, and asks for a drink. Muhkus tries to bluff the crowd, who reconginize him.

Elsa dazes the Ulfen. Edan charges foot 4, misses. Bob drops him. The foots maneuver. Mahkus misses a shot at a foot. Bob is hit by a javelin.

Elsa fails daze. Edan stirkes a foot, hurting him. foot 2 moves to Mahkus, attacking (miss). Foot 3 attacks bob (hits, 3 dmg). Foot 6 misses bob.

Elsa dazes foot 6. Edan drops foot 3. Ulfen misses Edan. Bob rages, moves and misses Ulfen. Foot 2 attacks Mahkus. Foot 6 is dazed. Mahkus steps back, missing foot 2.

Elsa snowballs Ulfen (gross) dealing 6 damage. Edan commands the Ulfen to stand down, in the name of Bubba Yoga as the black rider (Success; Ulfen becomes shaken). Ulfen stumbles backwards, hitting a table, and throws a vial at the fallen foot soldiers. Solider 6 dies, and all their skins melts off and they reanimate as skeletons, their swords glowing. Bob rages and drops the Ulfen. Foot 2 misses Mahkus. Mahkus misses foot 2. Skele 2 slams Bob, doing heavy damage (16).

Elsa dazes skele 1. Edan misses Skele 3, and hops onto the table adjacent to Bob. Bob attacks and does heavy damage to skeleton, not killing him. foot 2 hits Mahkus. Mahkus misses. Edan and Bob get hit by skeletons.

Elsa dazes 3. Edan jumps off the table and attempts to kill a skeleton, misses. Bob misses a skeleton. Foot 2 drops Mahkus. Mahkus fails stabilization. Skele misses bob. Skele misses edan. Skele hiits bob.

Elsa hops the bar, Burning Hands the three skeletons. All fail their checks, kills skele 2. Edan misses. Bob misses skele. Foot 2 freaks out. Mahkus stabilizes. Skele misses Edan. Skele misses Edan. Skele misses Bob.

Elsa moves safely to behind bob. Edan hits a skeleton, does no damage. Cannot damage the enemies. Bob misses. Foot runs towards door, skeleton attacks. Mahkus is stable. Skele misses Edan. Skele hits Edan, Edan drops to 0. Skele misses Bob.

Elsa heals Bob with her wand. The enchantment leaves the skeleton bodies, the bones collapsing. Edan drinks a potion, and does the smallest amount of healing possible. Bob charges the foot solider. Foot opens the door and attempt to leave. Bob misses his attack. The soldier yells “run!”. Combat ends.

Elsa heavily heals Mahkus.

Bob, gazing through the door, sees 3 guards stand in the town square. In the middle of them stands Nadia’s eldest son, his Father’s gun in hand.

Annnnnnnnd SCENE!

Session 10 (June 16th, 2014)

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