Session 3 (April 7th, 2014)

Killed some mean pixies in a crossing, one got away.

Crossed a frozen river, found some weak spots, spotted and killed some ice elementals. Found the tracks.

Found a clearing with a dead guy (Old Man Danbe) He had loot that the group took 35 gp.

Also found 4 Rohkar Raiders around something arguing with one another. Mahkus moves in to eavesdrop, but cannot hear them. Elsa boldly steps forward and demands they surrender and tell her where Rohkar is.

At first, they laugh, then Elsa makes an intimate check (success) and one says “Rohkar is in the lodge!” Mahkus takes a shot at the strong willed one (misses). Elsa then stares at one, taking away his AC. BillyBob fires bow at Bandit 2 (misses). Mahkus fires at the same one (success) and does 1 damage. Edan charges into battle, dropping Bandit 1. Mahkus draws his axe. The 3 remaining bandits fire at Mahkus (2 misses) and Edan (miss). Elsa moves forward and glares (success). BillyBob shoots an arrow at Bandit 3 (misses). Edan charges Bandit 4, kills him. Elsa glares (misses). Mahkus swings his axe at Bandit 2, dropping him (hit). Billybob charges the last Bandit, killing him.

Loot: 4 padded armor, buckler, short sword, bows, 40gp.

Mahkus and Edan know about the Lodge. This part of the woods are protected by the High Sentinels, protect the Taldan forest from Qadiran raiders. Taldan Rangers. We know that the lodge is not too far from here. The party warms up and moves on. Look at the Lodge, decide to rest and take shifts watching, then hit level 2.

Total Xp: 2740
Indivdual xp: 685

Session 3 (April 7th, 2014)

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