Session 2 (March 31st, 2014)

Edan passes out at the Alchemist shop. Dwarf mumbles about “Kill them with fire”.

Bought 6 cure light wounds potions 1D8+1 for 250 gp. Billy Bob donated 125 gp. 2 went to Billy, 1 to Mahkus and 2 to Elsa. Mahkus and Edan bought 3 Alchemist fire bottles at 15gp each.

Snow has covered much of the caravan and the trail. Ents have moved into the trap site. Edan prepped the group with an attack plan, Elsa attempted to intimidate us past and failed. Battle ensues. Ents are tough. Billy-bob kills 1. Elsa debuffs one. Mahkus blasts rounds into one. Edan starts 1 on fire, it flees. Mahkus and Billy-bob fall. Edan downs one. Elsa stares at stuff a lot. Uses useless snow attacks. Edan saves the day.

Mahkus and Edan find the trail and the group goes. Fortitude saves are failed, and the group digs out a snow fort and starts a fire. It takes 4 hours, healing the majority of the cold damage and Edan gets Sap off himself.

In this time, Elsa spots an Artic Taztlwyrm worm. It attacks her. Billy-bob strikes, Edan finishes it off. Guts the one trying to draw out the other. Does.

Worm 2 cannot hit the wounded Edan. Everyone misses. Worm tries to drag Billy-bob off. Mahkus and Elsa shot and hex it, respectively. Edan can bash but not swing. Worm drags Billy-Bob off. Edan moves next to it. Edan misses. Mahkus wings it. Edan keeps missing. Elsa keeps casting guidance. Edan almost kills it. Mahkus misses. The Worm flees. Edan throws a Chakram at it, killing it. Retrieves the weapon, Mahkus opens a wooden crate and found 2 rods (cure light wounds 17 charges, charm person 10 charges) and 1,200 gp. Drags the crate to the camp. Elsa used 4 charges of the wand.

End of Session:

Experience: 2000
Individual: 500

Session 2 (March 31st, 2014)

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