Session 6 (May 12th, 2014)

Elsa healed EVERYONE, Mahkus is cured of his fever.

Killed some skeletons. Took forever. Uneventful.

Sorry. Don’t hurt me. Didn’t mean to call names. apologizing to Nazhean

Don’t keep me here, its cold, want mommy.

I don’t want your stupid doll. I want to go home, take me back

I have to get away, you do too, get away. Run.

Nazhena—someone that Eden and Elsa-knows-nothing knows from the past, is mentioned by a haunt-girl-thing. The girls turns into a Haunt. Big, black, and angry. Haunt took Edan DEX away  Murder the haunt. Elsa knows the haunt I not dead, but temporally gone.

Elsa walks the boulders, seeing the girl get frail and then dying. Mahkus finds a doll, it attacks him, Billybob smashes it to bits. Elsa sees an old man in the gemmed eyes. Mahkus knows the hut has been built recently, Elsa claims it is a guardian of Irrisen hut. Edan knows it is made of wood—a material that has been used to make dwellings for a long, long time.

Elsa detects magic and finds a moderate magical item—the doll. She pops the glass eye, and declares that they are being watched by a divination spell. The party moves on, finds a clearing, and gets attacked by more Trees.

XP: 2400
Indiv: 600

Session 6 (May 12th, 2014)

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