Session 1 (March 24th, 2014)

In Town:

Yuln Oesrtag, only survivor of attack- In the Alchemy Shop. Attacked by bandits and Ice Fey creatures.

Hunter saw some crazy animal in the woods, went back to find it/get it and prove Lady Argenta- Traveled through town 2 weeks ago, going to capital of Todar, but rumor has it she called it off and was on her way home.

Councilor Ionnia Teppen- Offered free room/board for the duration of our stay while we investigate the happenings around town.

Massacre Site:

Men, horses and carts are all destroyed about. An Ice statues turns out to be a Commander, frozen by Ice Demons. His arms are frozen at his feet, removed from his body.

Meth-Demons higher ranked then just the Frozen Touched.

Tracks lead to the south, where the attackers would of fled.

Learned that the Argenta family has built a badass Navy, the crown Jewel of the Pathfinder… Navy?

South of Massacre Site:

Edan knows that he has about an hour before he will feel the ill effects of Frostbite on his smooth, sexy, silky hands.

Found a chest is buried in the snow. Edan approaches it, Elsa casting guidance on him. However, the log trap was sprung, and crushed Edan. I realized, after being smashed to bits, that this trap is totally Rokars Raiders style trap. Rokar fancies himself as a holy man, of the dark gods, and will sacrafice those he captures to his God.
After this, realizing none of this could of been talked about because of this current condition, Edan collapses. Mahkus searches the chest and finds:

5 leather armor, 25gp (5gp x 5)
3 studded leather armor, 37.5gp (12.5gp x 3)
MW chain Shirt, 100gp
2 light wooden shields, 3gp (1.5gp x 2)
7 Long Swords, 52.5gp (7.5gp x 7)
2 Spears, 2gp (1gp x 2)
MW Dagger, 151gp
3 Light Crossbows /w 25 bolts 52.5gp (17.5gp x 3)
Gold Total: 423.5 gp

On the way back to town, Elsa searches the zombie cart and discovered:
Signet Ring (Argenta)
pair of earrings, 25 gp
pearl braclet, 90 gp
gold/silver neckles, 75 gp
Giant saphire pendant, 50 gp
Cortssian Ouffits, 90 gp

End of Session—
Total Gold: 753.5 (minus anything we don’t sell)
Total Exp: 1000

Session 1 (March 24th, 2014)

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