Session 4 (April 21st, 2014)

Approach the lodge after a rest and level. Blood is still everywhere, and pots and pans litter the railing. Mahkus and Elsa see it. Mahkus trips a crossbow bolt, Elsa and Mahkus hide while Bob and Edan stand their ground. Edan sees 2 men who hide upon eye contact. Edan approaches the double doors of the Lodge, overhears whispering and talking. Jumps the woodpile and looks in the window. 4 men see him, move towards the door.

Battle 1

1- Positioning. Doors open. Bob fires an arrow at raider 2. Wounds him. Raider 2 throws javelin, misses Bob. Raider 3 throws a javelin at Edan. Misses. Edan misses Raider 5. Raider 5 misses him.

2- Mahkus firers, misses Raider 5. Elsa glares at Raider 5, lowering attack. Raider 1 misses Edan. Raider 2 misses bob. 3 misses bob. 4 misses Mahkus. Bob misses. Edan misses. Mahkus moves into the battle, gets hit once; 2 miss. Elsa casts Enlarge person on Bob. 1 hits Bob, wounds him. Bob attacks 5, misses. Edan swings and hits 5, misses bash.

3- Mahkus misses. Elsa evil eyes 1, 1 makes save. 1 misses Bob. 2 hits Bob, wounds him. 3 and 4 moves, 4 misses Mahkus. 5 hits Edan. Bob brutal murders 1. Edan swings and misses 5, but hits bash, drops him and pushes him into the snow.

4- Mahkus swings his hand axe, misses. Elsa dazes 3 in the snow. 2 spears at Bob, misses. 3 is dazed. 4 steps back and attacks Mahkus and misses. Bob misses 2. Edan kills 2, bashes 3 into the outhouse as Bob cleaves him in half.

5- Mahkus drops his hand axe, pulls pistol and fires true, disabling 4.

End Battle 1

Elsa inspects the living raider, determines no magic involved. They are wearing Rohkar’s colors. Edan gathers the bodies, inspects the outhouse (yuck) and peers into the other window. Sees two men, one sees him. Edan instructs to charge in to the left, knocks out 4, and Bob rushes into the Lodge and realizes he cannot fit into the room. Mahkus kicks open the door, finds 4 sick raiders.

Battle 2

1- Mahkus fires, wounds 1. Elsa evil eyes 2, minus -2 AC. 1 attacks Mahkus, misses. 2 misses. 3 and 4 hide behind beds. Bob attacks through the wall at 1, destroys the wall. Edan slashes 2 down.

2- Mahkus moves into room, 1 misses AoO. Mahkus shoots 1, wounds him. Elsa gives Mahkus guidance. 1 misses Mahkus. 3 misses. 4 misses. Edan moves into the room, attacking 4 and wounding him.

3- Mahkus fires at 1, wounds him and disables him. Steps out of the room. Elsa walks in, threatens them and demands the location of Rohkar. 3 spills the beans. 4 attacks at Elsa, wounds her. Elsa says “big mistake. Bob downs him from around cover.

End Battle

3 is about to leave, as Elsa tells Bob he would fit in with the giants of Irrisen. 3 ask if we are winter folk, and if we came through the portal. Edan does not know what he means, comments to Elsa they have to go talk to Rohkar. They start to clear the ground level.3 leaves out the back door.

Mahkus listens through a door, hears nothing. Bob finds an empty bedroom, dark and silent. Edan finds a bed and chest, door to the right, yells to Rohkar to show himself. Mahkus attempts to loot the chest, cannot. Bob opens a door, finds the food room. Edan finds another bedroom, moves to the last door. Mahkus moves up the stairs quietly, exploring the balcony. Elsa and Mahkus hear footsteps in the great hall. Elsa shouts the presences and proceeds to cast burning hands on the room. She reveals Rohkar trying to leave through the back door.


1- Bob makes his way to Rohkar, rages and attacks, critical strikes him and kills Rohkar.

End of Battle

Edan searches the last bedroom, and then joins Mahkus at the stairs. Elsa loots Rohkar. His unholy symbol is of the bad of the bad. Elsa pages through the spellbook, and guesses it is a young wizards spellbook. Mahkus and Edan go through the 2nd level door. .


1- Mahkus charged the room, filled with 2 frost skeletons. 1 attacks him, hurts Mahkus bad. Bob double moves up into the room. Elsa moves to the room. 1 misses Bob. 2 misses Mahkus. Edan enters the room and attacks 2, disabling him.

2- Mahkus attacks 1, misses. Bob misses. Elsa evil eyes the skeleton, subtracting 2 attack. 1 misses Mahkus. 2 misses Edan.

3- Mahkus withdraws to the stairs. Bob attacks 1, misses. Elsa glares, taking 2 AC away. 1 attacks Bob, hits and misses, dealing little damage. Edan swings and misses, but bashes him into the table, knocking him down. Bob attacks and is disabled

End Battle

Edan finds a small store room with many boxes and a small cage emitting light. Inside sits a small sprit. Elsa starts conversing with sprite. He has been tortured by Rohkar. The sprite says they are there on behalf of the winter witch, surprised that Elsa knows about her. The sprite says they know about Elsa, and they will do bad things to her. She assumes he means her, but is then bashful that he just meant the group.

Elsa asks about the portal. The sprite says “have you ever had your skin pealed”. Edan roughed him up, threatened him and he started to answer the questions. The witches plan to make an eternal winter of all Golarion. The Sprite will take them to the Portal. Edan gives him food and water.

Elsa discovers the portal is the source of the winter. Sprite says a handful of sprites came through; He was one of the first with, Teb Knotten, a ward of the winter witch. Elsa finds a map of the region, a big circle presumably marking where the Winter Portal is located.

The party ransacks the Lodge and prepares to rest for the time being, planning their next moves.

Experience: 2040
Individual Experience: 510

Total experience: 7780
Total Individual experience: 1945

Wealth: 25gp

Items gained:

(Rohkar) Scrolls, 3 oil skin bags, MW studded leather armor, dagger, light crossbow with 10 bolts, MW short sword, cloak, MW thieves tools, ring of keys, spell book. Unholy symbol of Norgorber.

(Chest Str: 23): healer (5 charges), potion of lesser restoration, belt pouch.

Session 4 (April 21st, 2014)

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