Session 5 (April 28th, 2014)

This adventure begins in a Lodge….

Mahkus found a woman with a crossbow (Perception 24), asking where Rohkar was. Upon telling her he has been killed, Mahkus realizes the woman looks relieved (Sense Motive 13) and then asks to be able to leave. As they converse, Mahkus learns her name is Tenpenny Tacey. She says she knows where Lady Wahttherfuck is, and Mahkus agrees to let her go if she leads us to her.

Pushing aside the bearskin rug, revealing a trap door, Tacey informs us she is kept in the cellar. Mahkus descends and find the Lady Argentea Malassene stuffed into a kennel-sized crate. Looking at Mahkus, she starts “Not really big are you?” Mahkus mutters “no”, and the two come upstairs.

Upon meeting Edan, she comments he looks like “an adventurer”. Edan greets her in the proper way, offers her food and tells her how the Dwarf sent them to her. Serving up some food, the two eagerly eat. Elsa joins Edan at this point and also begins to eat.

Mahkus points out that Tacey and the remaining sick men could take her back . She objects, until Edan points out the bits and gore that use to be Rohkar. LAM throws up her food, and then agrees that she will return with them. Edan then asks her what her business in the north was, where she was going and finds out nothing truly useful. Batched wedding, guy was too poor. Rohkar abducted her after raiding the group and realizing who she was. Her father, Lord Malassene, is a top military official in the whatthefuck Navy.

The group readies up and Mahkus sees them off. The party than eats a meal together. Mahkus then shares with them Tacey told him to “beware the bridge”. When discussing their plans to rest or move on, Elsa and Mahkus both comment on how the don’t feel right. Edan looks them over (Heal 19; Elsa 9), and cannot tell what is wrong with them. They rest for the night

The next morning, Edan discovers Mahkus and Elsa have fevers and are shaking (Fort saves 21). Edan examines them again, with the help of Elsa (27; Edan 25 + 3 (Elsa 21)) they are infected with Chill Bane Shakes (Sickened: -2 off all D20 rolls, damage rolls and Fatigued: -2 str/dex rolls). Edan knows the only way to beat it is two “good days” in a row. Elsa knows (Spellcraft 17; Elsa 14 + 3 (Edan 20)) a Restoration spell would cure them.

Elsa then tries to identify the cloak (Elsa 15 + 0 (Edan 9)) and finds it to be a Cloak of Yeti. Bob takes it, helping to fend off the elements, +1 AC, and helps with Intimidate. Mahkus assures everyone he is fine, and Elsa takes the potion and is healed. Edan then takes food/drink to the Fey. Finds a box he was hiding. Gems and scrolls and oils are stock piled.

Stock Pile
3 scrolls lesser animate dead
650 GP
Blue quartz ice diamond (100gp)
3 Oils of Magic Weapon
10 Flasks Alchemist Fire

Edan then asks about the weather, and the fey plays coy. Edan threatens him with more violence (Intimidate 16). Fear enters his eyes, and he says the weather is coming from the portal itself. Edan asks if the portal is can be closed, and in jest says “Only from the other side, right?”. The Fey agrees, and when Edan asks where it goes, the Fey tells him Irrisen. Edan sighs, informs the little guy he never would of hurt him, and rejoins the group downstairs.

Mahkus investigates the bridge, finds out it is scary. Perception checks (Edan 22, Elsa 20, Bob 9). Edan spots a person like thing in the bushes. Edan shouts at the bush, and one ugly blue thing flies out from the bush. She claims she will kill us. Asking the Fey if he knows the blue thing and the sprite, he shouts “Izoze! Kill them!”


1- Edan takes a full defensive. Izoze attacks the bridge. Bob fires and arrow, hits, does no damage to Izoze. Sprite fires and arrow at Bob, arrow hits and takes no damage. Mahkus steps back, takes a full defenseive. Elsa dazes Izoze, she resists.

2- Edan charges Izoze, attacking her (25; 6 dmg). Bob attacks the sprite, misses. Sprite attacks Mahkus, does 1 damage and Mahkus makes a reflex save and take no frost damage. Mahkus yells “Fire potions”. Elsa Evil Eyes Izoze, -2 to hit, 8 rounds.

3- Edan swings and bashes, missed. Bob misses Sprite. Sprite misses Elsa. Mahkus hands Bob his Alchemy fire. Elsa yells “It’s a Mephit”. Higher up sprite. Elsa evil eyes, -2 saves ,1 round.

4- Edan swings and bashes, misses. Bob attempts to make an epic toss with the fire—realizes the range is pretty far. Moves in better position. Izoze attacks Edan, doing 7 Damage. Sprite attacks Elsa, 1 damage and staggers Elsa. Elsa -2 AC to Izoze, 8 rounds

5- Edan slices and bashes Izoze, moving her 10 feet back into the bush, doing 10 damage. Bob stows bow, moves 5 feet. Izoze moves back, attacks once., missing. Mahkus shoots sprite, sprite shoots him. Elsa casts misfortune on Izoze, lands.

6- Edan slashes Izoze, doing no damage. Bob throws fire at Izoze, misses. Izoze and Edan take 1 damage. Izoze attacks Edan, does 4 damage. Edan looks beat the fuck up. Sprite tried to free the other Fey. Mahkus holsters pistol and pulls out hand axe. Elsa casts guidance on Edan.

7- Edan withdrawals, fails ref save and falls into river. Falls unconscious. Suffering Hypothermia. Bob enrages and dives in the water, grabbing Edan, takes 4 damage (no subdual damage, Cloak of the Yeti OP) and begins to swimming back to shore. Izoze laughs and disappears. Sprite keeps working at the lock. Mahkus looks over the cliff, makes sure they are okay, and attempts to break open the cage (fails). Elsa cast evil eye on sprite.

8- Edan does nothing, not dying. Bob knows Edan has rope. Gets to shore, tries to throw up and fails (Str 7). Sprite opens lock. Mahkus attacks sprite, 1 damage. Fey casts dancing lights—start to dart off in different directions.

—End Combat

Bob throws rope to Elsa. Hands it to Mahkus. Mahkus ties the rope off on bridge posts (4 Acrobatics; Elsa gets 1 to assist…). Thumbs up on rope tying! Edan ties the rope around Edan ( 3 Acrobatics) and climbs up the cliff. Bunch of rolls and random distances. Bob arrives first to the top, Edan arrives several seconds later. Group all collapses in exhaustion, then moves back into the Lodge. Edan awakes by the fire, and the REAL ADVENTURE BEGINS!!!!!!!!

This adventure ends in a Lodge….

XP: 2000
Indiv: 500

Session 5 (April 28th, 2014)

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